Modest Notary LLC

Modest Notary LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Modest Notary LLC is a mobile notary public and loan signing business servicing customers in Newport News, Hampton, and other places in Virginia. For helpful information on notarization and documentation, it’s best to read the following frequently asked questions.

What Is a Notary Public? 

A notary public is a public officer who exercises particular powers and performs duties defined by the law. A notary primarily serves to witness and verify the identity and signature of the person present before the notary. 

What is a Notary Signing Agent?

A Notary Signing Agent works like a notary but specializes in notarizing loan papers and documents. The main job of the Notary Signing Agent is to make sure that loan papers and documents are processed by the borrower(s), notarized, and returned so that the loan dictated can be funded.

Can an individual who is considered out-of-state and is on vacation have documents notarized and utilized outside of Virginia?

A notary public in Virginia can notarize a document that will be used outside of the state, provided that the document is signed and notarized in Virginia. 

What are the two types of notaries?

The State of Virginia commissions two types of notaries: traditional and electronic. The applicant must first be authorized as a traditional notary public in Virginia before becoming an electronic notary public.

What can do the notary do?

Once commissioned, the notary is able to exercise the following “notarial acts.”

  1.  Take acknowledgments and proofs
  2.  Administer oaths and affirmations 
  3.  Certify the validity of affidavits or dispositions (Notaries commissioned by The State of Virginia cannot certify true copies of birth, marriage, or death certificates)
  4.  Verify and certify “true copies” of documents provided other than a document in the custody of a court
  5.  Validate a fact (Involves a notary accessing particular records to verify the signer’s identity or background)
  6.  Witness the opening of safe deposit boxes